Monday, March 29, 2010

Baxmax back support ripoff artists

This is more of a warning blog to let people know about some charlatans selling what appears to be a good product for supporting the spine. I placed an order with these clowns on the 21st of March, 2010 and that's the last I ever heard from them. No product, no answers to EMails, and they don't answer the telephone or return calls. If you send these people your money you'll probably never hear from them again.

The website to stay away from is and once they get your money they forget about you. Too bad, it looked like a good back support.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bernie Madoff - A true SOB

See the grin? Wouldn't take much of a punch to wipe it off his face, would it? Let's hope the prosecution gets him and makes it stick.

This true son of a bitch even cheated his own sister out of her money. Once his ponzi scheme collapsed, this true son of a bitch schemed further to mail off millions of dollars to his family accomplices .. just in case he might beat prison. He mailed jewelry to his relatives and was about to send them huge checks, too .. to prevent the courts from returning his ill-gotten gains to their rightful owners.

Even now this true son of a bitch is gathering lawyers in a bid to continue cheating people of their money .. and to even cheat justice. This is a certified son of a common bitch in every respect. I hope he gets lots of time in a real prison and I hope the prison population gets their hands on him.

I hope the next photo I see of Bernie Madoff has more of an O.J. Simpson expression to it. May he spend the last years of his sorry life in a cell fearing the other inmates.

Friday, December 26, 2008

United Autoworkers, Detroit, and your hard-earned dollars

Just read yet another account of how extravagant the Detroit automotive complex has become, what with lavish retirement plans, first-rate health care, unemployment compensation at up to 95% base salary, and $75 an hour pay rates .. now it's the multimillion dollar retreat on Michigan's Black Lake with its own designer golf course. The story reports that union dues built this brothel-like palace for union leaders and top brass .. all from your own dollars which you've spent on overpriced, fuel-hungry American rides.

It looks like the government's gonna fund this glutenous monster's habit too .. much to our chagrin. We all know who's in bed with whom these days and, frankly, it hasn't come as much of a surprise that the big three's gonna get their bailout (that's right - B A I L O U T) despite the fact that most Americans oppose it. We all knew it would happen.

I'm gonna make this one short and sweet instead of harping on how miserable this bailout is from a moral standpoint. Here's the deal:

Even with the money Uncle's gonna take out of our pockets and give to Detroit, we can still kick 'em in the pants and force them into the bankruptcy enema they need so very badly. And it's a simple solution: Just don't buy a new American car for the next two years. Get something from Toyota or Nissan; they make some really nice cars and trucks and you get more for your money. After all, you won't be funding any Black Lake retreats.

Vote with your feet, people. If Detroit hits an all-time sales slump through 2010, they'll have no choice but to finally morph into the industry they should have been all along. Hit the mute button when the Chevy commercials come on; turn the page and skip looking at the Ford truck ad in the paper, and change the station when Chrysler starts that crap on the radio. Don't even look at their products and they won't be able to romance you.

In the end, when you finally do get around to considering buying a new American vehicle, you'll have a better choice than you ever thought possible because they will have reinvented themselves. Won't be a choice.

Don't buy another American vehicle until Fall of '10. It's just that easy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

GalaxyArmyNavy poor internet vendors

This is the kind of online vendor I try to stay away from. I placed an order and paid for it and that was the last I ever heard from them other than a confirmation of the order .. no tracking number, no order status, no replies to EMails, no communication at all. When I telephoned them, the phone rang five minutes before it picked up, the assistant was typical New York brusque and he told me he needed to call the factory to get a status. Huh? Presumably, they have no modern inventory network in place .. and after being placed on blank hold about ten minutes, I hung up and called him again. The assistant's response, incredibly, was "I think it's been shipped". Clearly, he just wanted to get rid of me or the factory didn't know what they're doing either. After a full week, I still had no order status update on the website's joke-of-a-status-page other than 'processing' and really no idea if I'd ever get my product.

Finally got through on the phone again on the eighth day and the assistant Stanley confirmed that they don't have the item in stock and it's back-ordered. Although I have provided ample contact information to them, GalaxyArmyNavy never telephoned or EMailed to advise me of this difficulty. I then demanded a refund and the assistant agreed and sent an EMail to that effect. That was my first ever message from GalaxyArmyNavy on this issue.

Had I not intervened, I might still be waiting to receive my product.

As I have no faith in these people, I have opened a Paypal dispute issue, just to document it all and ensure it gets resolved through Paypal. If I have no reply by the end of the week, it escalates to a Paypal claim.

GalaxyArmyNavy online vendor has banker's hours .. typical 8 hour days Mon-Thu, a half day on Fri, and the weekend off; that usually indicates a poor work ethic right there. Once they have your payment, they just don't want to have anything to do with you from then on. They are a bloated, high-volume, big-time vendor that's overgrown its service department and probably couldn't care less as long as the money's rolling in.

I've posted this account just in case anyone is considering doing business with this vendor and is smart enough to do a search on 'em first .. my recommendation is find another vendor who'll treat you better.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Half-Ton Man Dies of Heart Failure in Mexico

Now here's a story you have to read to believe just how stupid the world has become. OK, digest the following foxnews story and see if your logic fault LED lights:,2933,434166,00.html

An obese patient, bed-ridden, pleads for help as his heart fails. His weight: a staggering 990 standard pounds of sallow, drooping flesh. The man cannot get up from his special bed; hasn't been able to for some years, yet claims he cannot keep from overeating .. has an "eating disorder". The authorities actually attempted to remove this man to a hospital using a pickup truck but he died anyway enroute to the hospital. Later at the funeral, his family is critical of the government for not acting sooner to save the man. They claim it's the government's fault that the man got so huge .. that he was allowed to die like that. Incredibly, this occurs in Mexico .. not exactly known for having a fawning government which caters to its citizens' personal needs.

Has that LED lighted yet? Got any really outstanding questions on this one?

Well, DUH!

Somebody had to be feeding the man; he couldn't get his own food because he couldn't leave the bed. That's the person that caused this man to die. Well, DUH! All that needed to be done was to throttle this sow's food intake down to the bare minimum required to sustain him and he would have begun to lose weight. Right?? Somebody was enabling this blimp to overeat and that's the person the family should be complaining about, not the government.

If it occurred to you that someone other than the government was responsible for this guy's death, give yourself five points. If it outraged you, you get ten.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guilty Murderous OJ finally Jailed as Common Thief

Sometimes I find myself despairing at the events that I see unfold in our country .. seemingly against all decency and goodness .. in defiance of true justice. Today my spirits were boosted when I read the headlines proclaiming O.J. Simpson's conviction on armed robbery and other high crimes against others. No more will we see his phony, smug smile on the golf course. No more will we have to hear "if I did it" because this time the tale reads "I did it" and he will spend, hopefully, the rest of his days behind bars in a small prison cell instead. The Brown and Goldman families can now lay just claim to the man's many possessions .. but, more importantly, they can find some small measure of justice and comfort in his incarceration.

Well done to the prosecution, which laid a solid foundation for his conviction on all twelve counts during the trial, no easy task when one considers how hard it was to establish that case and pick a good, solid jury. Well done to that jury, too, which heard the evidence and fairly and impartially found him to be guilty as charged. Now it is up to the Judge to make sure the correct message is sent far and wide throughout our country .. that the harvest of a wicked life is, and always should be, imprisonment. Today, on the 13th anniversary of the perversion of justice that saw this man freed, Orenthal heard more verdicts read aloud in another courtroom .. and this time he heard "guilty as charged". The news reports called it 'eery' .. I agree; exactly thirteen years!

May the face of convicted felon Orenthal James Simpson be forgotten by America, save for the replays of his football dashes on the sports channels and occasional repeats of "The Naked Gun", and may the trophies and trinkets so eagerly coveted by this evil man now grace the walls of the Goldman and Brown homes. May the souls of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman rest easier now that this man has been finally caught up with thirteen years later .. even though he wasn't convicted for their murders, this will do just as well. Let us not forget that Al Capone was finally tripped up, not for racketeering or murder, but for not paying taxes on his wicked wages, and it caused him to die miserably in prison.

The Goldman family, which has labored in the courts for so many years to pursue Simpson, also played a huge part in all this by making him fight bitterly for the material possessions he held dear but had no right to. Were it not for the civil court judgements against Simpson, he wouldn't have been driven to stealing from others as a common thief. It was his persistence and dedication to his son's memory that inspired Fred Goldman in his tireless quest for justice that finally brought this sad story to this end. O.J. departed society today and may he never return to freedom and our American way of life. It made all the other bad news just a little sweeter.

As for me, I will speak his name no more.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Democratic congress squarely to blame for Financial Crisis

I must admit, I've been largely confused over the current financial crisis .. never have been one to follow economics .. relying, instead, on others more versed to explain the complicated mechanics of money to me whenever I needed to follow something. The current blur of terms is enough to puzzle a lot of us .. hedge funds, securities, Fannie Mae .. the list goes on and on.

I think most of us just pretend to understand the complex machine that Wall Street and the financial market has become. The machine has grown bloated in complex schemes that appear designed simply to wring money out of money for people who prefer this scheming over working to earn an honest dollar. That's always been my opinion of bankers, brokers and the like.

I'm not going to get into the complex structure behind Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (where did they get those stupid names, anyhow?), but I really don't need to. I also frankly don't know if we should rescue the situation, either. All I need to know on this account is that the government tried to limit Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their power 3 years ago and was defeated roundly by the democratic-controlled congress .. unanimously .. every time. The dems fought to keep these two financial institutions running strongly and without oversights or limits .. to facilitate those who are less affluent (minorities and the poor) to buy large and previously unaffordable upscale homes and Barnie Frank has his name all over that one. It was a shortcut in a mad dash to bring the poor into the middle class without it having to actually earn that place. That's what I call putting lipstick on a pig.

And that's really as much as I need to understand. Whatever spin comes out of it, that's the naked truth to the matter. Well, it's certainly backfired over the years. The republicans tried to reign it all in and got defeated and, now that the project has failed, the dems want them to take the blame for it.

Stand by for more spin. Nancy Pelosi, chief spinmaster for the largely democratic congress, is trying feverishly to lay the blame for all this on the Bush administration. Anything that she can successfully stick to Bush will vicariously stick to McCain because that's the relationship hollywood and the liberal press have been working hard to establish.

See how it works? If they thought they could blame the Pearl Harbor attack on Bush, they'd give it a try .. and it'd be about as true, too.

Ask yourself: who would be behind easy low interest mortgage loans for the poor? Let's see .. which party fits that one? Hmmmm .. see how easy it is when you simplify things and think for yourself?